Our Ministries

At House of Praise, various ministries exist for different groups and stages of life, creating a more individualistic and holistic way of impacting lives.

Women's Ministry
Meeting The Needs of All Women in Different Areas, From Marriage, Relationships, Health, Parenting, Careers & Finance.
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Men's Ministry
The Men's Ministry at House of Praise Exists to Empower Men to Achieve Their Dreams, Fulfil their Destinies and God-Given Potential.
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Young Adults' Ministry
IGNITE: A Church for Young Adults by Young Adults, a Training Ground for Global Leaders.
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He who walks with the wise

Will become wise.

Proverbs 13:@0
Teenagers' Ministry
EMERGE: Mandated to Empower Our Teens to Achieve Their Dreams, Fulfill Their Destinies, and to Be Positive Influences to the Society.
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Kids' Ministry
GENESIS: A Training Ground for Children With the Focus of Teaching them to Love and Serve God in Fun and Engaging Ways.
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Television Ministry
Power to Achieve: Reaching The World Outside The Walls Of The Church, Empowering People To Fulfil Their God-Given Potential And Achieve Their Dreams.
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